Wednesday, December 26, 2012

heart's about to palpitate, and I'm not about to hesitate.

Too hyped over this oversized grey boucle cardigan my cousin bought me for Christmas from American Apparel. Gotta be my new favourite thing, hella fine.

Messing around too hard in the cold hahhh. 

Paired with vintage khaki shorts and leather belt, velvet bustier, and new thigh highs from Urban Outfitters with wooden button details.

"You look like the statue of Jesus in Rio de Jeneiro.." - sister/photographer. 
Goodnight, xx haha.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

one day as I walked myself around the darker side of town.

Got a pair of riding pants I've been dying for from my cousin for Christmas.  It wasn't quite the right size, so I'm thinking about exchanging it for a black pair soon.  But I wanted to snap a few pics while I was trying them on aha.

Ass lookin' fat..

Worn with brown leather wedges, graphic crop top from H&M, and vintage denim jacket from my mama's closet. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. *xx*

Monday, December 24, 2012

the snow's coming down, i'm watching it fall.

Merry Christmas guys. Actually took these a few days earlier but put off posting it till now. 

Hah my cute baby ass Christmas tree.  Enjoy the holidays yall', xx.

trust in God and you golden, trust in rap and you empty.

Silver Spring is having a white Christmas Eve this year.  Got myself cleaned up pretty nice for mass later tonight. 

Abusing all hell out of my Steve Madden loafers.

First winter with the new deck, it looked so nice I didn't bother walking around and ruining the virgin snow.  Also pressed over how great my orange skirt looks with its colour popping out against the winter background.

Merry Christmas Eve, xx.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

pool full of liquor imma' dive in it.

This sweater's been sitting in my closet, it finally got some use after around a year. I liked the white accents in the sweater against the overall darker tone of the outfit.

Shoutout to my sister for lending me the jewelry.

and this song of mine, in three quarter time.

It's that time of year. I found an old turtleneck in my mama's closet and turned it into a tamed ugly sweater for the holiday season. Paired with thrifted Levi's, red pumps, and a chunky knit mustard scarf.